The Glasgow Bowen Clinic is run by Colin Murray. Colin studied Bowen Therapy with the College of Bowen Studies (CBS) in 2009 and has been a full time Bowen practitioner since 2010.

Colin is now a Director, senior teacher and examiner with the College of Bowen Studies. He currently teaches throughout the UK.


As well as Bowen, Colin is also a qualified Sports Therapist, Reflexologist and Reiki practitioner. He has trained in Ultrasound and Microcurrent technology which he uses to treat acute injuries, scar tissue in muscles, tendons and ligaments and a host of other conditions.


Colin studies and trains on a continuous basis, often travelling to England to attend Bowen courses. In 2011 he trained in San Francisco in Microcurrent Therapies and in 2013 he trained in Dallas in pelvic rehabilitation. In 2015 he spent a week training with Dr. Vizniak at the Prohealth Institute in Vancouver, studying Dr. Vizniak’s method of assessment and his instrument assisted fascial release techniques. He has also undertaken numerous dissection courses to increase his knowledge of human anatomy.


Colin is a former martial arts instructor who now enjoys mountain biking, hill walking and golf in his spare time.