Colin Murray is Glasgow's Bowen expert. Days before a big family celebration, back pain had me bent double. Bowen relieved and relaxed the muscles and I walked out of the clinic, able to celebrate in style! I recommend Colin's gentle but thorough healing techniques to everyone I know.  I return to the clinic on a regular basis to maintain my health and wholeness. Being a self employed coach my health and well being is paramount.

Marion Graham

I have had practically no pain since the last Bowen treatment and have managed to sleep right through the past two nights, which is great as it's the first time in about 5 weeks. Back still gets a bit stiff at night but is not painful and the sharp pains in my leg have gone.



I am writing to thank you for helping me with ongoing problems that I have had in my back, neck and shoulder area for the past few years. Since becoming a client of yours my neck discomfort has eased considerably and I am sleeping much better also. As much as the Bowen Technique has been effective for me, it is also your skills as a therapist that I must compliment. Whenever I am in the consulting room with you I feel relaxed, calm and reassured. Thanks again, Colin.



Thanks Colin for my Bowen treatment. What a relief to walk without limping - and as for climbing stairs...!


Mr Murray

I wish I had found your clinic years ago. Thank you.



A big thank you! I really can't believe that such a difference has come from such light manipulation. I am boring my colleagues with my toe touching prowess!


A hip replacement left me with nerve damage. Colin has worked wonders.



Thanks Colin, feel amazing! Told my sister you have magic hands! Pain in my knee was a lot less also my pain in my back. I had so much relief from your method.... amazing. Will definitely be back.



Thanks Colin. My knee has been feeling better which is amazing!


The Bowen Technique is a completely different therapy to the kind I am used to and I particularly appreciated the time that you took to investigate my history in terms of injuries and the various aches and pains I had put up with for so long. Bowen has worked very well for me and there has been a marked improvement thanks to your sessions. Many thanks.


Stephen, Kelpie Media

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have had 2 Bowen sessions and I feel so much better than I did before I hurt my back.



I have been a long time sufferer of lower back pain. I have tried everything from expensive chiropractors to NHS physios. All seemed to remedy the pain but none showed an interest in a cure. I was very impressed after just our first session, how you examined the body as a whole and within minutes had identified problems in other areas beside my lower back which could be contributing to the pain. I felt the benefits of the first session instantly. You gave great advice on aftercare and after just two sessions I feel a lot stronger physically and the pain has disappeared. I would have no hesitation in referring fellow crippled office hermits to Colin’s healing hands.


Pearse O’Halloran